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    Kelly Willis is VP Marketing and Client Relationships. She is a self-described ‘right brain’ languages major who overcame her “fear of math” to earn an MBA and pursue a successful career in the financial services industry for the past 18 years.

    It is this perspective that she brings to her job as VP, Client Relationships -- demystifying the investment process and helping clients connect their financial decisions with their values. Working with the financial professionals on the team, she performs a unique role as the client’s advocate in the financial planning process – listening and asking questions to help you get clear on your needs, translating investment jargon and objectively helping you find the best fit and get the most out of the relationship with the portfolio managers at Newport Private Wealth.

    Kelly takes a special interest in serving widowed spouses and women in transition. Herself widowed in 2011, Kelly uses her personal and financial experience to serve as a “trail guide” to help others find their own path to greater security, confidence and empowerment in managing their wealth in all its forms.

    Through her personal blog www.inspiringwidows.com Kelly shares insights on finding peace, prosperity and purpose in widowhood. She is also a trained grief group facilitator and has interviewed more than 20 widows about their loss experience and how they have rebuilt their lives.

    In her VP Marketing role, Kelly is also responsible for ensuring the firm’s corporate brand and services meet the needs of our prospective and existing clients. She brings 18 years of marketing and communications experience working with a range of financial services companies and investment advisors.

    Prior to joining Newport Private Wealth in 2002, Kelly was the manager of the affluent market segment for a major global bank and directed the Canadian launch of that bank’s first worldwide banking service. In previous roles, Kelly has also been vice president, marketing for a boutique investment brokerage and vice president with a mid-sized advertising and marketing agency whose clients were some of the country's largest mutual fund, banking and investment companies.

    Kelly can be reached by email at kwillis@newportprivatewealth.ca.

    Future looks bright for Vision Critical

    vc blog 150x150 Future looks bright for Vision Critical Rarely do we write about specific investments in this blog, however, a recent post by Wellington Financial about one of our private investments caught our attention and we thought to share it with our readers.

    Vision Critical’s $10.5M secondary clears the deck for potential IPO.

    Vision Critical is a fast-growing Canadian tech company that has become a major player in global market research solutions. The company was founded in 2000 by noted entrepreneur, Dr. Angus Reid (former founder of Angus Reid Group, Canada’s largest research and polling group) and his son, Andrew Reid.

    [read more >>]

    Gluskin Sheff, a pioneer among independent money managers

    The investment industry is a highly-competitive business but it is also one that celebrates success. Today we tip our hats to two of Canada’s most successful money managers: Ira Gluskin and Gerald Sheff who announced yesterday they were selling their controlling interest in the wealth management firm they founded in 1984, Gluskin Sheff and Associates through a bought deal with a syndicate of underwriters.

    As friendly competitors, we have long respected the firm’s pioneering spirit and independent viewpoint – often expressed through Ira Gluskin’s always amusing and insightful commentaries.

    Gluskin Sheff helped pave the way for other large independent wealth management firms like Newport Private Wealth to grow and prosper by providing high net worth clients with an exclusive, service-first alternative to the offerings of the big banks.

    We salute you gentlemen and thank you for your service to our industry.

    Rediscovering Life After Loss: Widows Wellness Day can help

    wwd 250x250 tile ad Rediscovering Life After Loss: Widows Wellness Day can helpPart of our service commitment to widowed clients is to connect them with resources, people and events that may help to ease their pain and support them as they work to rebuild their lives.

    As one of our widowed clients recently said to her advisor here at Newport Private Wealth, “The transition takes an enormous amount of time and energy — and courage.”

    Easing that transition  is the goal of Widows’ Wellness Day — a full-day forum I’ve planned for Saturday October 26th at Islington Golf Club. The day includes workshops covering a variety of wellness topics for surviving spouses – from the physical and emotional aspects of well-being to the financial and social adjustments of widowhood.

    I know first-hand how much this kind of support is needed; when the shock wears off, and the visitors have stopped coming, you are left to pick up the pieces of your life in the months and years that follow.

    According to a recent survey by Dr. Carrie West, an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Schreiner University, more than a quarter of widows say they don’t have another widow or widower they can talk to about their loss, and 20% say they have no one in their life they can talk to about private matters.

    Widows’ Wellness Day will seek to fill this gap by offering a day of support, education and connection with other widowed spouses. Whether someone’s loss was four months ago or four years ago, Widows’ Wellness Day is a place where they can gain insight, inspiration and some very practical tools to help them rebuild, renew and rediscover life after death.

    The event is open to anyone, man or woman, who considers themselves a widowed partner — whether legally married or not.

    Tickets and information at www.widowswellnessday.com

    What the smart money knows….and how you can benefit

    SmartMoney CoverImage outline 231x300 What the smart money knows….and how you can benefitWhat are the super-rich doing with their money?

    I know it’s a question that many investors wonder from time to time. In our recently released whitepaper, “What the Smart Money Knows…5 ways to learn from institutional and billionaire investors” we examine the question.

    We look at five factors that set institutional and billionaire investors apart from ordinary investors – it’s not just the money – and we offer up our own solution packaging many of these advantages into turnkey investments for high net worth individuals who want a comparable calibre of expertise applied to their own wealth.

    You can download our whitepaper here.

    Passing wealth on now, later, ever?

    Today’s Globe & Mail High Net Worth section featured Newport Private Wealth in a piece by journalist Paul Brent entitled Don’t let your money spoil the kids.

    It deals with the issues, desires, opportunities and complications of wealthy baby boomers assisting their offspring financially — a subject that’s near and dear to our hearts and on which several of our colleagues have blogged. You can also read David Lloyd’s post on Catalyst Funding and Kevin Dean’s Engaging the Next Generation.

    For high net worth families concerned about preparing the next generation for responsible wealth management, remember that we offer an educational program for young adults, NextWave. Contact Caitlin Lloyd or Kevin Dean to learn more.

    An update on investing for yield

    Over the past couple of years, some of our most popular posts to this blog have been on the subject of investing for yield. (Read It’s time to look elsewhere for yield and Where to find yield now.) With interest rates so low, it remains a timely theme so we’ve provided an update.

    Attached is a link to Why You Need Yield, a primer for conservative investors concerned about protecting their capital yet wanting to earn more income.

    You can download it for free from our website. Please do drop us a line if you have any questions or comments.

    Special summertime offer

    CTA Buttons BW 150x150 Special summertime offer This summer we’re extending a special offer to high net worth individuals who want to get greater clarity on their retirement plans.  We call it our Retirement Crash Test.

    We do a lot of retirement planning for clients in our wealth management practice and we know it’s something people worry about. And many aren’t prepared for:  According to a research report released this past April by McKinsey & Co., 41% of high income Canadians between 55 – 64 years of age will be challenged to maintain their income during retirement.  Either because they haven’t saved enough or investment returns have been sub-par on the savings they have accumulated.

    We’ve developed proprietary financial modeling that will simulate your retirement under a variety of scenarios using inputs you provide. Our clients have found it gives them tremendous peace of mind.  We thought to extend the offer to other high net worth individuals who are at the same life stage i.e. less than a decade from retirement.  It’s a great opportunity to take charge of your financial future and ‘kick the tires’ on our capabilities at the same time.

    Visit Retirement Crash Test to get started.