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    Personal Financial Checklist for 2014

    With much of the country caught in a deep freeze, it may be just the weekend to stay indoors and make progress on your planning for 2014.

    To help you, our wealth management team has updated this handy month-by-month calendar of tasks, ‘to dos’ and reminders to help you get and keep on top of your financial affairs. Even if you’re already in good shape, you’re likely to find something on the list that could help you improve your overall picture — and peace of mind.

    Click on the attached link for your 2014 Month By Month Personal Financial checklist.



    New year. New blog platform. Same look and usability.

    Hard to believe we’re soon approaching a full year of blogging. It’s been fun and we’ve been encouraged by your positive comments. Please keep them coming and let us know more about what’s of interest to you.

    Over the next couple of days we are making some changes to the administration platform. We have taken steps to try to ensure a seamless transition, but if there are any issues we hope you’ll let us know.

    Readers who are subscribed via email should expect to receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Those readers who receive our blog via RSS may have to take the extra step of signing up again to ensure uninterrupted feeds. Sorry about this, we hope you’ll take a moment to re-subscribe.

    Many thanks to all our readers. Here’s to Creating Opportunities in 2011!

    A Perspective on Productivity

    Productivity growth. It fuels economic performance, makes nations wealthier, raises living standards and, lately, it’s been keeping federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney awake at night.

    i-c25cfb7c5297dc0c7d07148c1775f68e-mark_carney-blog.jpgCanada’s productivity growth declined in the latest recession, something that apparently hasn’t happened in thirty years. Generally measured as output per hour worked, Canadian productivity growth badly lags that of some other small rich countries as well as our main rival, the United States.

    Someone else who thinks a lot about productivity is our friend, Peter Follows, President of Carpedia International, an Oakville, Ontario based global consulting firm that helps companies improve their productivity and enhance their overall financial performance. Carpedia’s done work for big names like Heinz, Ritz Carlton, Manulife, as well as countless small to medium sized businesses.

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    A winemaker reminds us of the importance of passion

    What does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur?

    i-fd5edae6a7593e04e02c4059c90d2cce-tawes winery.jpgIt’s a question that one third of Canadians are contemplating apparently.

    That’s how many dream of running their own business according to a recent Angus Reid poll.

    What’s the appeal? The main reason, according to the survey, is so they’ll have greater control over their own destiny. Other reasons include not having to work for someone else, and being able to make more money than working on a salary.

    But what about passion?…

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    The science of better selling



    i-27d3301bf70ef03ed1a629088ef49cba-brain.jpgTogether with 120 other entrepreneurs from CEO Global (a Toronto-based CEO coaching organization), I spent a morning two weeks ago listening to Christophe Morin, marketing guru and author of Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s Brain

    The premise of the book – and the talk – was that we can use the latest brain research toredefine our sales messages and deliver them with more impact by better understanding how people make buying decisions.

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    RSS in plain English

    i-1da1ae6070f68f0d69160ac8821d391a-rss-icon(2).jpgWe only just launched our blog and a few questions have come up about how to subscribe and specifically, ‘what is RSS’?

    If you have yet to discover the power of this nifty way to get updates from your favourite blogs and news sites, RSS in plain English is a mighty useful 3 minute video.

    The video explains, well, in plain English, the utility behind that ubiquitous little orange icon and how to make it work for you.  I got up and running in 4 minutes. Getting feeds from my favourite on-line sites any time there’s an update.

    Thanks to the folks at Common Craft for creating the video, and the folks at lexblog for sending it to me, so I could pass it on to you.