Rediscovering Life After Loss: Widows Wellness Day can help

Part of our service commitment to widowed clients is to connect them with resources, people and events that may help to ease their pain and support them as they work to rebuild their lives.

As one of our widowed clients recently said to her advisor here at Newport Private Wealth, “The transition takes an enormous amount of time and energy — and courage.”

Easing that transition  is the goal of Widows’ Wellness Day — a full-day forum I’ve planned for Saturday October 26th at Islington Golf Club. The day includes workshops covering a variety of wellness topics for surviving spouses – from the physical and emotional aspects of well-being to the financial and social adjustments of widowhood.

I know first-hand how much this kind of support is needed; when the shock wears off, and the visitors have stopped coming, you are left to pick up the pieces of your life in the months and years that follow.

According to a recent survey by Dr. Carrie West, an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Schreiner University, more than a quarter of widows say they don’t have another widow or widower they can talk to about their loss, and 20% say they have no one in their life they can talk to about private matters.

Widows’ Wellness Day will seek to fill this gap by offering a day of support, education and connection with other widowed spouses. Whether someone’s loss was four months ago or four years ago, Widows’ Wellness Day is a place where they can gain insight, inspiration and some very practical tools to help them rebuild, renew and rediscover life after death.

The event is open to anyone, man or woman, who considers themselves a widowed partner — whether legally married or not.

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