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    Floating Rate Notes – a timely idea for fixed income investors

    Our first order of business is always to protect capital. (If you’re a client or a reader of this blog you likely know that’s been a constant theme in everything we do.)

    In anticipation of a potential rise in interest rates, one of the risks investors should be concerned about is a decline in bond values – what many investors typically think of as “the safe stuff.” If that sounds like a dichotomy it really isn’t. Generally speaking, when interest rates go up, the value of a bond declines. The longer the maturity of the bond the more it falls. (Read our earlier posts Convexity and bonds and Is it time for bond holders to rethink their strategy?)

    To protect our clients’ fixed income investments against rising interest rates — which are inevitable at some point — we’ve been shortening the duration of our bond holdings (now 3 years on average). In addition to that strategy there’s another idea we’ve implemented in recent weeks: Floating Rate Notes (FRNs). [read more >>]

    An update on investing for yield

    Over the past couple of years, some of our most popular posts to this blog have been on the subject of investing for yield. (Read It’s time to look elsewhere for yield and Where to find yield now.) With interest rates so low, it remains a timely theme so we’ve provided an update.

    Attached is a link to Why You Need Yield, a primer for conservative investors concerned about protecting their capital yet wanting to earn more income.

    You can download it for free from our website. Please do drop us a line if you have any questions or comments.