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    A young entrepreneur working his dream

    Perhaps it’s my stage in life, but I find great joy when I see a twenty-something entrepreneur set a lofty goal and then work night and day to turn the dream into a reality. Dan Petkovsek is one of those young entrepreneurs to whom I tip my hat.

    About four years ago, Dan had a dream of opening a gym; and not your ordinary gym. He set his sights on training those who were serious about it – athletes. Develop a following of elite athletes and the masses will come.  I’m not sure Dan could have picked a tougher industry in which to compete. As fitness clubs were closing all around him, Dan soldiered on. Fast forward to today, I had the pleasure of recently attending the grand opening of Torque Barbell Club in Toronto’s west end.  Torque has over 300 members, and growing by 20 per week.

    I wrote a blog last year on the top 10 things our children should know about money. One of my favourites on the list is to be ambitious and courageous; there is no such thing as failure; it’s just experience. Dan Petkovsek epitomizes what it means to be a young entrepreneur. Congratulations, Dan!

    Gluskin Sheff, a pioneer among independent money managers

    The investment industry is a highly-competitive business but it is also one that celebrates success. Today we tip our hats to two of Canada’s most successful money managers: Ira Gluskin and Gerald Sheff who announced yesterday they were selling their controlling interest in the wealth management firm they founded in 1984, Gluskin Sheff and Associates through a bought deal with a syndicate of underwriters.

    As friendly competitors, we have long respected the firm’s pioneering spirit and independent viewpoint – often expressed through Ira Gluskin’s always amusing and insightful commentaries.

    Gluskin Sheff helped pave the way for other large independent wealth management firms like Newport Private Wealth to grow and prosper by providing high net worth clients with an exclusive, service-first alternative to the offerings of the big banks.

    We salute you gentlemen and thank you for your service to our industry.

    Top 10 Reasons for Entrepreneurial Success

    i-46e21309d0d61bea4da9e8346f87be24-new_york_times_logo_23(1).jpgThe New York Times Small Business section is usually a worthwhile read.

    Today’s piece by Jay Goltz,entrepreneur and small business columnist, on what he views to be the Top 10 Reasons for Entrepreneurial Success is especially good and, I thought, worth sharing.