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    10 tax saving tips to do before year end!

    clock 150x150 10 tax saving tips to do before year end!With the arrival of December, our attention often turns to holiday preparations — but it’s not too late to save money on your taxes if you act soon.

    Here are ten tax planning ideas to consider before year end:

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    What the smart money knows….and how you can benefit

    SmartMoney CoverImage outline 231x300 What the smart money knows….and how you can benefitWhat are the super-rich doing with their money?

    I know it’s a question that many investors wonder from time to time. In our recently released whitepaper, “What the Smart Money Knows…5 ways to learn from institutional and billionaire investors” we examine the question.

    We look at five factors that set institutional and billionaire investors apart from ordinary investors – it’s not just the money – and we offer up our own solution packaging many of these advantages into turnkey investments for high net worth individuals who want a comparable calibre of expertise applied to their own wealth.

    You can download our whitepaper here.

    Engaging the next generation

    At the end of November we held our launch event for NextWave, Newport Private Wealth’s initiative for young adults to help them become better equipped at managing wealth.

    We had a tremendous turnout with over 40 young adults in attendance for an evening of networking and a brief introduction to the concept of NextWave, as well as introductory topics that will lead into our future events. Feedback from attendees was enthusiastic: “These are exactly the kinds of questions I have but I don’t know who to talk to” and “I was so happy that I actually understood what you were talking about because I feel totally underprepared when it comes to financials”.

    The feedback confirmed our belief that there is a strong desire to learn. Young adults want to take more responsibility, but with little in hard financial assets early in their careers they feel like they don’t have access to qualified individuals to discuss their concerns. [read more >>]

    Catalyst funding… for families?

    6981705 unpacking 150x150 Catalyst funding… for families?‘Catalyst funding’ is a notion commonly associated with business, health care and even the not-for-profit sector. It describes investments that are made to accelerate the development of an innovation or strategy. The theory being that with such funding, desired outcomes can be achieved faster or perhaps on a larger scale.

    At Newport Private Wealth, we’ve coined the term catalyst funding to describe various strategies  used by families to give their children a ‘leg up’ and as a means to educate them to better manage their finances. It’s a different way to think about how you provide financial support to your children – purposefully, strategically and objectives based.
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    Filling the knowledge gap for the young affluent

    NextWAVE 28Nov2012 thumb 150x150 Filling the knowledge gap for the young affluentWealthy baby boomers are retiring and the ‘Great Transfer’ of wealth is well underway. Yet, according to the 2012 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth Survey, more than two-thirds of parents believe their children are not adequately prepared to handle wealth. This is not surprising because managing wealth isn’t generally taught by our education system and is often not discussed within the family.

    It is common for young adults of affluent families to start receiving money in their twenties as beneficiaries of estates and trusts and many are ill equipped to make sound financial decisions with the capital. Conversely, adult children of wealthy families may have misconceptions regarding entitlement to family wealth and/or the relationship any wealth transfer might have on their planned lifestyle.

    NextWave is Newport Private Wealth’s initiative to fill the knowledge gap for young adults to become better equipped at managing wealth through a series of discussions tailored specifically to this demographic and present these topics in a way that resonates with these young adults.  The following are concerns among young people that will be discussed in NextWave’s series of upcoming financial workshops. [read more >>]

    Wealth management is more than just financial

    balance triangle thumb Wealth management is more than just financialWealth management is a tag line used by many financial advisors to describe their services. It’s a familiar term but what does it actually mean and, more importantly, what should it mean?

    Wikipedia says “at the most general level, economists may define wealth as anything of value which captures both the subjective nature of the idea and the idea that it is not a fixed or static concept”.

    If one adopts the “anything of value” concept, one’s balance sheet as a measure of wealth should include more than just financial assets like investments, real estate and businesses. One’s intellectual assets like education, experience, skills, interests, passions and reputations are valuable and therefore should be part of the total wealth equation. Similarly, personal assets like values, relationships, community/civic involvement and physical, mental and spiritual health should also be captured.  Balancing these asset categories can be tricky as adding in one category can drain the assets of another (e.g., career vs. family, etc).
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    Wealth in the Royal Family

    Royalfamily table 050612 Wealth in the Royal Family

    Source: WealthX

    With ‘jubilee fever’ running high these days, Britain’s Royal Family is once again the subject of public fascination (or, perhaps to republicans, repudiation).

    But leave the bunting and pageantry to others, I was interested to read the latest estimates of the net worth of the royal family as released yesterday by WealthX, a global market intelligence firm for the wealth industry.

    Of the top 14 adult royal family members, it was no surprise who topped the list: Her Majesty Elizabeth II has an estimated net worth of at least $510 million. Interesting though, this places her well down the list of the world’s wealthiest women – with the top five all having more than $13 billion according to a separate report released by WealthX.

    In fact, only five members of the Royal Family are what WealthX defines as “ultra high net worth” having more than $30 million. Young Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, doesn’t make the cut. His fortune was estimated at a modest $19 million.

    According to WealthX CEO, Mykolas Rambus, “The fact that the combined wealth of the top 14 members only reached US$1 billion reflects what has been suspected for some time: that new wealth is overtaking old wealth in Britain.”

    And throughout the world no doubt…