Future looks bright for Vision Critical

Rarely do we write about specific investments in this blog, however, a recent post by Wellington Financial about one of our private investments caught our attention and we thought to share it with our readers.

Vision Critical’s $10.5M secondary clears the deck for potential IPO.

Vision Critical is a fast-growing Canadian tech company that has become a major player in global market research solutions. The company was founded in 2000 by noted entrepreneur, Dr. Angus Reid (former founder of Angus Reid Group, Canada’s largest research and polling group) and his son, Andrew Reid.

We helped the company raise equity in its early stages through two financings, one in 2008 and a subsequent round in 2010 and we invested on behalf of our clients through the Newport Global Equity Fund.  It has been an interesting story to follow – from its relative obscurity in the early stages to its emergence as one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America with a revenue base approaching $100 million from a global client base of more than 600 organizations including a third of the top 100 brands worldwide.

Not surprisingly, as the Wellington Financial piece points out, Vision Critical has captured the attention of investment bankers on both sides of the border and is closely followed for signals of an IPO in the next year or two. We’ll leave those decisions to the company’s capable management but our shareholders can feel pleased at the progress to date, with a significant share price increase since the initial round of financing and a proven research platform with global stature. Like Wellington Financial, who are the company’s lenders, we’re proud to be backing a great team.