A young entrepreneur working his dream

Perhaps it’s my stage in life, but I find great joy when I see a twenty-something entrepreneur set a lofty goal and then work night and day to turn the dream into a reality. Dan Petkovsek is one of those young entrepreneurs to whom I tip my hat.

About four years ago, Dan had a dream of opening a gym; and not your ordinary gym. He set his sights on training those who were serious about it – athletes. Develop a following of elite athletes and the masses will come.  I’m not sure Dan could have picked a tougher industry in which to compete. As fitness clubs were closing all around him, Dan soldiered on. Fast forward to today, I had the pleasure of recently attending the grand opening of Torque Barbell Club in Toronto’s west end.  Torque has over 300 members, and growing by 20 per week.

I wrote a blog last year on the top 10 things our children should know about money. One of my favourites on the list is to be ambitious and courageous; there is no such thing as failure; it’s just experience. Dan Petkovsek epitomizes what it means to be a young entrepreneur. Congratulations, Dan!