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    We’ve failed our kids; shame on us.

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    The holidays were a wonderful time to spend with family and catch up on the latest news from my adult children. Unfortunately, part of this news included hearing disturbing stories of young adults either in entry level jobs or even unemployed buying things they cannot afford. One unemployed grad student has blown through a $20,000 student loan in four months. This equates to a $90,000 pre-tax income earner just living within his/her means. With due respect to high end brands, the prodigious spending of many young adults lead me to conclude many just don’t understand the value of a dollar.

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    Interest rates – confused?

    You are to be forgiven if you are having a hard time trying to sort out all the conflicting news about interest rates and inflation. You’re not alone. Even the experts frequently disagree.

    This is an important issue for entrepreneurs and investors as many of us borrow money – either personally or corporately (likely both!).

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