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    Meet the asset class specialists

    We hosted our semi-annual Meet the Pros event last week in Toronto where clients had an opportunity to meet some of the independent asset class specialists we retain for specific components of the portfolios we manage. This year’s panel of pundits included Maureen Farrow of Economap (our independent economist), Tye Bousada of Edgepoint Investment Group and John Foresi of Venterra Realty –specialists in global equities and U.S. real estate respectively.

    The key takeaways in my view were:

    • the recovery from the of 2007/08 financial crisis is on a good path and has slow but steady momentum;
    • after a strong run-up in both equity and real estate prices; be very careful not to overpay

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    Finding investment opportunities when the economy isn’t handing them out

    Last week, we organized a lunchtime panel with four outstanding financial minds that are part of the pool of talent we have to draw on for the management of client investment portfolios:

    • Maureen Farrow, (economist), President, Economap
    • Tye Bousada, (global equities), President & Co-CEO, Edgepoint Investment Group Inc.
    • Rick Grafton, (energy), CEO, Grafton Asset Management
    • Corrado Russo, (real estate), Managing Director, Global Securities and Investments, Timbercreek Asset Management Inc.

    It was a lengthy and meaty conversation about the state of the global economy, how Canada is faring and what it all means for clients of Newport Private Wealth. This summary won’t fully do justice to the depth and scope of the presentations, but we will try to boil a 90 minute discussion down to a readable blog post for you.
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    Landlord or investor?

    i-ea075cba0d2eb850555a932785b9b21c-RE White paper_st catherines ON.pngReaders of this blog will know that we have written a lot about investing in real estate — commercial, multi-residential, etc.   We like the asset class for its diversification, cash flow, capital appreciation potential and inflation protection.  So we decided to share some of our thinking in this white paper Real returns from real assets: How to profit from investment in multi-residential real estate.


    In it we discuss how Canada’s demographics favour apartment rentals; why the market is ripe for consolidation; along with the pros and cons of various investment options.  Hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to send us a note if you have any comments or questions.

    Real returns from real estate assets

    i-6a4f402c00bd01a106d1a0e608bee0e4-75 Broadway.jpgHow many of us have toyed with the idea of owning real estate investment property? After all, there’s some appeal to hard assets you can ‘touch and feel’. They generate monthly cash flow from rents, generally appreciate in value over time and can offer protection against inflation. What’s not to like?

    But then you start to think about what it’s like to be a landlord — the phone calls in the middle of the night about a broken furnace,  the capital requirements to maintain the property’s value, the concentration risk — most of us decide it just isn’t worth it.

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    Florida real estate … why I’d rather rent than own

    i-050bc674c50db4b1aa95e31fa2481b3d-Florida_real_estate.jpgA recent article by Dianne Nice of the Globe & Mail, For aspiring snowbirds, it’s a great time to feather your U.S. nest quotes David Keats, a cross border financial planner,as  saying that in his 30 years of practice he has never seen more favourable conditions for purchasing U.S. real estate. Perhaps it’s true, but just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it won’t get cheaper… perhaps a lot cheaper.

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    For the love of real estate

    There are few things we Torontonians like to talk about more than the real estate market — apart from the weather maybe and in recent times the Toronto mayoralty race. So last week was a real treat for us and some of our clients who came to hear from one of the most successful commercial real estate investors in Canada, Jon Love.

    i-e03539207736191764fd2ede7fc6c9ee-KingSett-130 Bloor-small(1).pngBy way of background, Jon is the President of KingSett Capital (and former CEO of Oxford Properties, which under his leadership became the largest commercial real estate investment company in Canada when it was sold to OMERS for $4 billion). Through one of our private funds, we have a $10 million equity commitment to KingSett’s $800 million portfolio of commercial real estate in its core strategy Income Fund.

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    Read between the headlines for opportunity in commercial real estate

    If you’ve been reading the headlines coming out of the U.S. recently, you know the bottom’s falling out of the commercial property market. Defaults, delinquencies and foreclosures on office buildings, retail centres, industrial warehouses, etc. have swept the country. Pretty bearish conditions for mortgage holders on these properties.

    In Canada, however, despite a difficult recession, the situation is quite a bit different.  And this is creating opportunities for investors north of the border.

    So say Don and Ben Rodney– two experts who ought to know.

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