For the love of real estate

There are few things we Torontonians like to talk about more than the real estate market — apart from the weather maybe and in recent times the Toronto mayoralty race. So last week was a real treat for us and some of our clients who came to hear from one of the most successful commercial real estate investors in Canada, Jon Love.

i e03539207736191764fd2ede7fc6c9ee KingSett 130 Bloor small(1) For the love of real estateBy way of background, Jon is the President of KingSett Capital (and former CEO of Oxford Properties, which under his leadership became the largest commercial real estate investment company in Canada when it was sold to OMERS for $4 billion). Through one of our private funds, we have a $10 million equity commitment to KingSett’s $800 million portfolio of commercial real estate in its core strategy Income Fund.

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