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    Are your fixed income investments safe? Are you sure?

    The devastating market correction of 2008/2009 and the accompanying global economic recession have left many investors feeling skittish about stocks.

    While some have stood by with a ‘buy and hold’ approach, many abandoned equities and flocked to fixed income investments, such as money market instruments and bonds.

    i-187f57ae142157bf64881024783b4589-iStock_000002481097Medium-no grey(1).jpgAccording to a report by Barron’s, in the United States, since the start of 2010, more than US$274 billion has flowed into bond funds, while net $35 billion has been redeemed from equity funds.

    It’s a natural human tendency to react to short term market fluctuations. But could investors be taking on new risks they are unaware of?

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    Digesting the economy


    i-29009350cc26daa99a7bd9da1952286b-economy-blog.jpgWe just returned from a breakfast presentation by our economic advisor, Maureen Farrow who was speaking to some of our clients at an Inside the Tent event in Mississauga. The timing was opportune as equity markets are soaring, Canadian jobless numbers are improving and the US embarks on another round of fiscal stimulus and quantitative easing (flooding the market with cash).

    While the newspapers, evening news and markets seem to concentrate on the silver lining, there are indeed many clouds on the horizon and investors would be right to ask whether all of this is too good to be true. Maureen did an excellent job of reflecting our thoughts that while things are certainly improving, many countries around the world and in particular Europe and the US have a very long road ahead of them when it comes to economic recovery.

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    The prosperity gap


    i-e0ea4275910cee513456140eaebbea8b-flag.jpgWe had our quarterly visit from Maureen Farrow last week. (Maureen is a highly-respected Canadian economist whom we retain to provide us with economic analysis and briefings.)

    All things being equal given the tough economy,she’s feeling relatively bullish about Canada’s prospects these days. There is an unusual amount of global investor interest in our country and with good reason.

    After all, it’s no secret that Canada has survived the financial crisis better than almost all other major industrialized nations of the world.

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