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    A young entrepreneur working his dream

    Perhaps it’s my stage in life, but I find great joy when I see a twenty-something entrepreneur set a lofty goal and then work night and day to turn the dream into a reality. Dan Petkovsek is one of those young entrepreneurs to whom I tip my hat.

    About four years ago, Dan had a dream of opening a gym; and not your ordinary gym. He set his sights on training those who were serious about it – athletes. Develop a following of elite athletes and the masses will come.  I’m not sure Dan could have picked a tougher industry in which to compete. As fitness clubs were closing all around him, Dan soldiered on. Fast forward to today, I had the pleasure of recently attending the grand opening of Torque Barbell Club in Toronto’s west end.  Torque has over 300 members, and growing by 20 per week.

    I wrote a blog last year on the top 10 things our children should know about money. One of my favourites on the list is to be ambitious and courageous; there is no such thing as failure; it’s just experience. Dan Petkovsek epitomizes what it means to be a young entrepreneur. Congratulations, Dan!

    Annual Economic Outlook for Entrepreneurs

    Our own Peter Churchill Smith, Managing Director, will be the keynote speaker at the CEO Global Networks’ Annual Economic Outlook for Entrepreneurs on Thursday, February 23rd.  

    Peter’s plain-speaking talk, designed specifically for the business audience, will look at where we are, where we’re headed, and what you need to know to make smart decisions. 

    The cost is $129.00 per ticket and can be purchased on-line. Click here to register. 


    We have arranged for clients of Newport Private Wealth to attend as our guests. To obtain your complimentary ticket, simply contact us by email for on-line registration and the promotional code.


    See event details below.i-48d3da6683fd9140ab97385022cc1b8b-PeterChurchill-Smith_Event.png

    Celebrating great Canadian family businesses


    National Family Business Day is October 21st and all next week events are being organized to honour these important enterprises, which make up 80% of businesses and 50-60% of employment worldwide, according to the Journal of Family Business Strategy.

    We’re excited to be sponsoring an event with the GTA chapter of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFE) on TUESDAY OCTOBER 19th:  An Exclusive Evening of Cocktails and Conversation with Robin Lee, President, Lee Valley Tools.

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    For the love of real estate

    There are few things we Torontonians like to talk about more than the real estate market — apart from the weather maybe and in recent times the Toronto mayoralty race. So last week was a real treat for us and some of our clients who came to hear from one of the most successful commercial real estate investors in Canada, Jon Love.

    i-e03539207736191764fd2ede7fc6c9ee-KingSett-130 Bloor-small(1).pngBy way of background, Jon is the President of KingSett Capital (and former CEO of Oxford Properties, which under his leadership became the largest commercial real estate investment company in Canada when it was sold to OMERS for $4 billion). Through one of our private funds, we have a $10 million equity commitment to KingSett’s $800 million portfolio of commercial real estate in its core strategy Income Fund.

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    The titan nobody knows

    This morning’s Report on Business in the Globe & Mail has a two-page spread on Mike Rose, the oil patch entrepreneur and CEO of Tourmaline Oil Co. who, according to the article, is “the hottest star in the energy business”.

    Though Rose is anything but a household name, readers of this blog and clients of Newport Partners may remember his name from our blog post last March, Mike Rose: positioned to profit from the great recession.  Rose is an entrepreneur we have been backing for several years as we participated in Tourmaline’s first private placement and subsequent offerings.

    With a two-page spread in the Globe & Mail, our ‘private’ investment is certainly becoming more public — with an IPO likely down the road.

    Here is a link to the article, An oil patch pitching ace.


    A perfect outing for a Sunday in September!

    I got an email about this event recently and thought it sounded really neat and worth sharing. A perfect Sunday outing in the country. Really interesting topic served up in a charming village restaurant. Food for thought…nourishment for the belly and the soul.

    Sunday September 19, 12:00 pm
    Lunch with Andrew Heintzman, author of The New Entrepreneurs
    Chez Michel Restaurant, Creemore, Ontario

    i-90b4d7b2ab7d07d2e8e3832573524a68-newentrepreneurs_book cvr(2).bmpIn The New Entrepreneurs, author and venture capitalist Andrew Heintzman introduces us to the innovative business leaders who are at the forefront of the green economy. He profiles extraordinary individuals ahead of the curve in development of cutting-edge, clean-tech products and innovations. The New Entrepreneurs offers a fresh and visionary approach to redesigning our current economic system, one that uses the powerful forces within capitalism to act as a catalyst for change – and profit.


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    Art: for love and money


    Last week, we hosted another of our Inside the Tent events (a series of evenings where we invite some of our clients and special guests to hear from other successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders from our network on topics of mutual interest).

    Our theme for the evening was art appreciation and insight from the perspective of three different entrepreneurs in the art world: gallery owner, art consultant and artist.

    The event was held at the fabulous gallery of our friend and neighbour, Nicholas Metivier. Art consultant, Robin Anthony offered advice on how to start building a collection. And special guest of the evening, John Hartman, one of Canada’s best known contemporary artists, thrilled us with an advance look at his new works (the official exhibit opened Thursday May 27th and runs until June 19).


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