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  • Is your retirement income secure in bonds?

    by Kelly Willis - 01/25/2017

    It used to be, a secure retirement income was generated from a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds. Bonds were the stabilizing force that provided income and offset equity risk. And for more than two decades, bonds have provided excellent returns. But with interest rates rising, the outlook for bonds has turned sharply negative. (As […]

  • Newport’s Holiday Reading List

    by Kelly Willis - 12/09/2016

    Whether you’re still searching for the right read for someone on your gift list, or you want to indulge in some quality downtime yourself this holiday season, here are some book suggestions from the Newport wealth management team. There’s something for everyone — a diversified mix of geo-politics, business, arts, sports and intrigue. Dark Money by […]

  • Financial Planning Checklist – 2016

    by Kelly Willis - 01/07/2016

    To help you plan for 2016, we offer this month-by-month guide to organizing and optimizing your financial affairs.

  • Retirement Planning for the High-Net-Worth Investor

    by Kelly Willis - 02/18/2015

    If there is one question that is common to almost all Newport Private Wealth clients it is this: “How much money do I need to retire without any worries I’ll outlive my capital?”

  • Millennials and money: are they ready for the responsibility of wealth?

    by Caitlin Chapman - 12/03/2014

    A freak mid-November snow storm didn’t stop some twenty-five young adults from participating in Newport Private Wealth’s popular educational and networking forum, NextWave.

  • Manage RRIF rules carefully – or you could run out of money

    by Jansen Shrubb - 07/08/2014

    Planning for retirement can be challenging. Attempting to balance your need for current income against the risk of outliving your savings is hard enough and, as it turns out, the federal government is not making things any easier.

  • How to talk to aging parents about their financial affairs

    by David Lloyd - 06/18/2014

    There comes a point when adult children should be asking certain questions of their parents to ensure that their financial affairs are in order. As parents age, achieving financial independence for retirement is a primary objective and effective planning should start well ahead of time. Similarly, planning for the smooth succession of assets on death […]

  • A Young Adult’s Guide to Smart Spending

    by Caitlin Chapman - 06/11/2014

    We recently held the spring session of our popular NextWave program, an educational and networking based initiative that helps the next generation of our client families become more informed, confident and financially independent. On an evening in May, a group of young adults in their 20s and 30s gathered in our boardroom to discuss ‘how […]

  • Are your adult children financially astute?

    by David Lloyd - 10/17/2013

    Adult children of wealthy families are not prepared to handle wealth. That is one of the most common concerns among Newport Private Wealth’s hundreds of wealthy clients. Wealthy baby boomers are moving into their golden years, planning for the succession of assets and realizing their adult children don’t have the necessary skills to effectively manage […]

  • Baby checklist

    by Caitlin Chapman - 10/01/2013

    As part of our NextWave program of financial education for young adults in their 20s and 30s, we have put together a checklist outlining some important financial elements that parents, or even grandparents, may wish to consider.