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  • Retirement Planning for the High-Net-Worth Investor

    by Kelly Willis - 02/18/2015

    If there is one question that is common to almost all Newport Private Wealth clients it is this: “How much money do I need to retire without any worries I’ll outlive my capital?”

  • Baby checklist

    by Caitlin Chapman - 10/01/2013

    As part of our NextWave program of financial education for young adults in their 20s and 30s, we have put together a checklist outlining some important financial elements that parents, or even grandparents, may wish to consider.

  • Passing wealth on now, later, ever?

    by Kelly Willis - 02/12/2013

    Today’s Globe & Mail High Net Worth section featured Newport Private Wealth in a piece by journalist Paul Brent entitled Don’t let your money spoil the kids. It deals with the issues, desires, opportunities and complications of wealthy baby boomers assisting their offspring financially — a subject that’s near and dear to our hearts and […]

  • Engaging the next generation

    by Kevin Dean - 12/18/2012

    At the end of November we held our launch event for NextWave, Newport Private Wealth’s initiative for young adults to help them become better equipped at managing wealth. We had a tremendous turnout with over 40 young adults in attendance for an evening of networking and a brief introduction to the concept of NextWave, as […]

  • Making the Most of a Mature Dental Practice

    by Kelly Willis - 09/26/2012

    You are now generating significant cash flow from your practice and have other decisions to make such as: What to do with the surplus cash? How much to save? How much to spend? What’s the best way to turn surplus cash flow into wealth?

  • Net worth. Self worth. What values will you pass on?

    by Kelly Willis - 05/23/2012

    A practical guide to conscious choices that will shape your family’s relationship with mon

  • Inflation is coming. Will you be ready?

    by Kelly Willis - 07/15/2011

    How to defend against the potentially biggest threat to your wealth.