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  • Financial advice for the ‘Snapchat millionaires’

    by Kelly Willis - 02/27/2017

    It’s a real-life Hollywood success story.  Snap, the L.A.-based parent company of the popular Snapchat app, is going public with an IPO set for later this week. With the company’s value estimated at around $20 billion, many employees will become  millionaires — its founders billionaires. The event is transformational for Snap’s employees, their families, even the […]

  • How to talk to aging parents about their financial affairs

    by David Lloyd - 06/18/2014

    There comes a point when adult children should be asking certain questions of their parents to ensure that their financial affairs are in order. As parents age, achieving financial independence for retirement is a primary objective and effective planning should start well ahead of time. Similarly, planning for the smooth succession of assets on death […]

  • Found money: How to unlock value from an old insurance policy

    by Bob Clark - 06/25/2012

    In my insurance practice, I am meeting more and more baby boomers with the same predicament: they have a life insurance policy they no longer need, that has no cash value and annual premiums that are getting more and more expensive.  It becomes a source of irritation to see cash going out the door each […]

  • Does wealth breed selfishness?

    by Kelly Willis - 04/20/2012

    A guest blog by Dr. Julie A. Morton. Provocative new research at the University of California, Berkley, suggests that those of means ARE different from their more humble brethren, and NOT in ways that would make one proud. According to studies conducted by social psychologist Paul Piff and his university colleagues, wealthy individuals are more likely […]

  • 5 Things To Know When Developing Your Estate Plan

    by Douglas Brown - 02/22/2012

    My partner, Kelly Willis, wrote a poignant post last week about the loss of her husband and the estate challenges she found in her path, all during a time she struggled with her bereavement. As a private client lawyer with many years of estate planning under my belt, I wanted to share some of the more […]

  • Bereavement is bad enough

    by Kelly Willis - 02/07/2012

    My husband passed away a year ago last month.  We ought to have been prepared.  Two years earlier he had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer for which there was “little predictive data”. We chose to be optimistic. When he died due to complications from surgery I was shocked and devastated. Shock was […]

  • How entrepreneurs – and smart investors – really succeed

    by Kelly Willis - 02/04/2010

    Late 2008 and early 2009, financial markets were in crisis and the world was in deep economic recession. The prevailing wisdom was to invest in ‘obvious survivors’. Food, pharmas and other non-discretionary goods that penny pinching consumers couldn’t live without. Good strategy.  But as investors stampeded into those stocks, the relative upside became less attractive.