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  • Is your balanced portfolio truly balanced?

    by Kelly Willis - 03/16/2017

    Recently, we have seen a lot of so-called “balanced portfolios” from prospective investors with one of two concerns.  Either they have a typical 40%-50% weighting in bonds that earns meagre returns, or in search of higher returns, they have 70%-80% of the portfolio invested in equities. It’s rare to see a cash weighting above 5%. […]

  • Possible changes to capital gains taxation

    by Kelly Willis - 03/13/2017

    The federal government announced last week that it will table its budget on March 22nd – putting an end to the guessing game. Speculation remains rampant about possible changes to capital gains taxation. Rumours are circulating that the federal government may increase the capital gains inclusion rate from 50% to as much as 75%. The inclusion […]

  • Financial advice for the ‘Snapchat millionaires’

    by Kelly Willis - 02/27/2017

    It’s a real-life Hollywood success story.  Snap, the L.A.-based parent company of the popular Snapchat app, is going public with an IPO set for later this week. With the company’s value estimated at around $20 billion, many employees will become  millionaires — its founders billionaires. The event is transformational for Snap’s employees, their families, even the […]

  • Is your retirement income secure in bonds?

    by Kelly Willis - 01/25/2017

    It used to be, a secure retirement income was generated from a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds. Bonds were the stabilizing force that provided income and offset equity risk. And for more than two decades, bonds have provided excellent returns. But with interest rates rising, the outlook for bonds has turned sharply negative. (As […]

  • Financial planning checklist for 2017

    by Kelly Willis - 01/02/2017

    If smarter financial planning is on your list of new year’s resolutions, this month-by-month checklist will be a helpful start. Some items have deadlines. So you may want to note key dates in your calendar. Others are not time-sensitive, but we’ve scheduled them for certain months throughout the year to help avoid procrastination. After all, according to Forbes magazine, just […]

  • The search for investment bargains in 2017

    by Kelly Willis - 12/30/2016

    Wondering where to invest in 2017? It’s a good question — one the Newport Investment Committee  spends a lot of time assessing and managing. In times like these, we think it is more important than ever to have broad asset class diversification in your investment portfolio — with laser-like security selection. After all, traditional asset […]

  • Newport’s Holiday Reading List

    by Kelly Willis - 12/09/2016

    Whether you’re still searching for the right read for someone on your gift list, or you want to indulge in some quality downtime yourself this holiday season, here are some book suggestions from the Newport wealth management team. There’s something for everyone — a diversified mix of geo-politics, business, arts, sports and intrigue. Dark Money by […]

  • Is your asset mix positioned for Trump victory?

    by Kelly Willis - 11/09/2016

    A new chapter of populist politics was written in the United States last night with Donald Trump’s stunning victory over Washington insider Hillary Clinton in the most divisive election in recent U.S. history. Polls leading up to election night showed a tight race but with most pundits giving the nod to Clinton. Trump’s sweeping victory […]

  • Financial Planning Checklist – 2016

    by Kelly Willis - 01/07/2016

    To help you plan for 2016, we offer this month-by-month guide to organizing and optimizing your financial affairs.

  • Protecting your portfolio against currency changes

    by Kelly Willis - 03/12/2015

    In our conversations with clients, one question keeps coming up these days: “The Canadian dollar has dropped a lot. How is this impacting my investments?”