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  • The federal government announced last week that it will table its budget on March 22nd – putting an end to the guessing game. Speculation remains rampant about possible changes to capital gains taxation. Rumours are circulating that the federal government may increase the capital gains ... Keep Reading >
  • It used to be, a secure retirement income was generated from a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds. Bonds were the stabilizing force that provided income and offset equity risk. And for more than two decades, bonds have provided excellent returns. But with interest rates rising, the outlook ... Keep Reading >
  • Wondering where to invest in 2017? It’s a good question — one the Newport Investment Committee  spends a lot of time assessing and managing. In times like these, we think it is more important than ever to have broad asset class diversification in your investment portfolio — with ... Keep Reading >
  • A new chapter of populist politics was written in the United States last night with Donald Trump’s stunning victory over Washington insider Hillary Clinton in the most divisive election in recent U.S. history. Polls leading up to election night showed a tight race but with most pundits giving ... Keep Reading >
  • In our conversations with clients, one question keeps coming up these days: “The Canadian dollar has dropped a lot. How is this impacting my investments?” Keep Reading >
  • Planning for retirement can be challenging. Attempting to balance your need for current income against the risk of outliving your savings is hard enough and, as it turns out, the federal government is not making things any easier. Keep Reading >
  • At our investment meeting this week, one of my colleagues shared the news that he had received a call late the night before from a prospective client confirming his decision to hire us to manage his portfolio. While that itself is not news we’re thankful to say, what was interesting was the ... Keep Reading >
  • Equity mutual funds are getting a late Christmas gift this month: they are finally able to drop return data from 2008 from the calculation of their five-year performance numbers. Why is that important? In 2008, global equity markets fell between 30-54% (as if we need reminding!). Given that ... Keep Reading >
  • 01/31/2013
    Yesterday’s Globe and Mail included an interesting article by Boyd Erman on the impact of “convexity” on bond prices. That is, the measure of the sensitivity of the price of a bond to changes in interest rates. As advisors, we try to avoid jargon like volatility, duration, correlation and ... Keep Reading >
  • Record warm temperatures made for a comfortable Canadian winter this year. But they’ve caused a chill in the energy market. Particularly natural gas prices which dropped to a 15 year low. What’s the cure? “Low gas prices” is the standard response from industry experts. Low prices spur demand ... Keep Reading >