Meet the Team

View profile of Douglas C. Brown
Chair, Governance
Douglas C. Brown
Co-Founder, President & CEO

Doug Brown’s path to co-founding Newport Private Wealth was born out of a career in wealth management — in some of the industry’s ...

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Mark A. Kinney, MBA, CFA®
Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Investing his summer earnings in two stocks (Laidlaw and Franco Nevada) while in graduate school and watching them grow enough to buy ...

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David T. Lloyd, CPA, CA
Co-Founder & Chief Wealth Management Officer

Given the risks of starting a new business, entrepreneurship may seem an unlikely path for a risk-managing accountant, but David Lloyd ...

View profile of Kelly A. Baird
Kelly A. Baird, CPA, CA
Chief Financial & Operating Officer

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University leading to her first job with Touche Ross (now Deloitte), Kelly was ...

View profile of Pam Brenman
Pam Brenman
Chief Compliance Officer

Pam Brenman is the kind of person who never stops questioning, seeking answers and finding creative ways to broaden her personal and ...

View profile of Elizabeth Pizzinato
Elizabeth Pizzinato
Chief Marketing Officer

While a chance meeting at a conference led to a digital marketing consulting engagement with Newport Private Wealth, it was the ...

View profile of J. David Cole
Vice Chair
J. David Cole, CFA®
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Still a teenager when he bought his first stock, David Cole has been an avid student of finance ever since. At university, he and a ...

View profile of Stephen R. Hafner
Stephen R. Hafner, CFA®
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Steve’s passion for income-producing investments developed early in his career. Having spent seven years as a commercial banker with ...

View profile of Aubrey W. Baillie
Aubrey W. Baillie
Chairman Emeritus

Aubrey began his investment career with Harris and Partners in 1971, after earning an HBA from the Ivey Business School and becoming a ...

View profile of Donald L. Lenz
Donald L. Lenz
Senior Consultant

If there is one thing that defines Don Lenz’s extraordinary forty-five year investment career, it is his ability to build ...

View profile of Robert W. Clark
Robert W. Clark, CFP®, CLU, FEA
President, Newport Insurance

Bob has spent more than 35 years in the insurance industry helping entrepreneurs design and fund estate and business succession plans. ...

View profile of Peter Churchill-Smith
Peter Churchill-Smith, MBA
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Peter Churchill-Smith is one of those rare individuals with the relationship-building skills of an extrovert and the analytical nature ...

View profile of Michael Vanderburgh
Michael Vanderburgh, MBA, CFA®, CFP®
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

At the age of 13, inspired by a visit to the trading floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange with his financial executive grandfather, Mike ...

View profile of Andrew G. Thomson
Andrew G. Thomson, MBA, CFA®
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Whether he is analyzing investments for his clients or mapping out his career path, Andrew is always thorough in his considerations. ...

View profile of Kevin A. Dean
Kevin A. Dean, CFA®, CIWM
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

As someone who possesses the perfect balance of razor-sharp financial skills, an easy ability to relate to people and distill complex ...

View profile of Daniel Girard
Daniel Girard, CFP®, CIMA®, CIM®, BA (Hons)

Daniel Girard has been providing comprehensive wealth management services to successful families, individuals and charitable ...

View profile of Jordan Schwann
Jordan Schwann, CFA®
Portfolio Manager

A Calgary native, Jordan began his career as a corporate analyst in the energy sector before moving to PwC’s consulting practice in ...

View profile of Jansen Shrubb
Jansen Shrubb, MBA, CIM®
Portfolio Manager

As a quarterback for the Queen’s Golden Gaels and the Toronto Varsity Blues during his university years, Jansen learned the value of ...

View profile of Russ Hafer
Russ Hafer, CFP®, CIM®, FCSI®
Relationship Manager

From participating in the Little League World Series at the age of 12, to playing rugby and football at his alma mater Simon Fraser ...

View profile of Caitlin A. Chapman
Caitlin A. Chapman, CFA®
Portfolio Manager

Caitlin Chapman joined Newport Private Wealth in 2012 with a focus on helping women and also a younger demographic, including adult ...

View profile of Kyle A. Smith
Kyle A. Smith, MBA, CFA®
Portfolio Manager

Originally from Orillia, Ontario, Kyle’s interest in the financial markets started at a young age. “My dad would read the business ...

View profile of Curtis Perks
Curtis Perks, CIM®
Portfolio Manager

Curtis’ aspiration to help others defines both his career choice of wealth management as well as his volunteer pursuits as a lacrosse ...

View profile of Jamie Lloyd
Jamie Lloyd, CIM®, MFA-P™
Portfolio Manager

Ask a client, colleague or friend to describe Jamie Lloyd and you’ll hear a common refrain: Empathetic, genuine and deeply committed to ...

View profile of Vincent E. Didkovsky
Vincent E. Didkovsky, MSc, CPA, CA, CFA®, CBV, FEA
Vice President, Wealth Planning Group & Client Relationship Manager

Vincent Didkovsky will tell you his mission in life is to: “help families achieve their full potential

View profile of Yasmeen Seddiq
Yasmeen Seddiq, CIM®, PFP®, MFA-P™
Director, Wealth Planning Group

Born in the Middle East, educated in the United States, with a career path that includes international finance postings, Yasmeen brings ...

View profile of Katia Ivanova
Katia Ivanova, CFA®
Portfolio Manager

Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, Katia moved to Canada, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to pursue her university ...

View profile of Ian Maclean
Ian Maclean, CFA®
Portfolio Manager

Ian’s approach to investing is based on the fundamental principle that every investment portfolio needs its own carefully tailored ...

View profile of Richard Colton
Richard Colton, CFA®, CIM®
Portfolio Manager

While Richard Colton spent plenty of time at his family’s auto repair business as a kid, he never mastered the finer points of auto ...

View profile of Jason J. Trueman
Jason J. Trueman, CFA®

When Jason Trueman began his career as an insurance underwriter with Chubb Insurance, he saw firsthand why companies with unique and ...

View profile of Michael Southern
Michael Southern, CFA®
Portfolio Manager

During the 2008 financial crisis, Michael learnt that a close family member had panicked and sold her entire portfolio close to the ...

View profile of Matt Reynolds
Matt Reynolds, CFA®, MFA-P™
Managing Director, Western Canada & Referral Network

If there is one element of Newport’s philosophy that resonates with Matt, it is that exceptional performance is the by-product of ...

View profile of Amélie Beauregard
Amélie Beauregard, MBA, CIM®
Portfolio Manager

As a Portfolio Manager, Amélie connects her professional skill set with her personal story to be a true and trusted partner to clients. ...

View profile of Alan Pilkey
Alan Pilkey, CPA, CA, CFA®, CFP®

Alan Pilkey’s client-centric values and ethical attitude have been at the root of his successful 20+ years in the financial services ...

View profile of Drew A. Oliver
Drew A. Oliver, BCom
Associate Portfolio Manager

When Drew Oliver tore his ACL at 17, he switched from competitive snowboarding to teaching. In the process, Drew discovered that ...

View profile of Derek Whiston
Derek Whiston, BA, MSc

Derek had a fortuitous start to the financial world with a university project on alternative payment methods, leading to investments in ...