Investment Management

The returns you expect. Less risk and volatility. Our investment approach is purpose built to protect and grow capital in a more stable fashion than retail investment portfolios.

While personal circumstances vary, our clients all seek to:

  • Protect their money from significant or permanent loss
  • Generate enough income to fund their lifestyle, now or in the future
  • Provide growth to protect their standard of living long term
  • Delegate the management of their assets to trusted experts
  • Professional Team and Process

    Our Investment Committee of senior professionals with diverse backgrounds in investments, accounting, commercial lending, law and investment banking — and an average of 27 years’ experience – drives our process. The Investment Committee is responsible for  investment strategy, active management of asset mix and independent money manager selection and oversight. The breadth and depth of experience leads to better investment decisions, as no one professional would have all of the skill sets the group commands. In addition, our own personal money is at stake along with yours in the same investments. We don’t invest in anything for clients that we aren’t invested in ourselves.

  • True Dynamic Diversification

    Typical Retail Portfolio

    Typical Retail Portfolio

    Newport Client Portfolio

    Newport Client Portfolio

    The illustration is a representation of asset category allocations for a typical balanced portfolio. Allocations are typically made through our proprietary Newport Funds and will change due to market conditions, our investment strategy and the unique situation of every client.

    Most investors understand that diversification is important for reducing volatility and performance, but they’re limited to publicly-traded stocks and bonds (or ETFs and mutual funds that hold them).

    In addition to traditional investments such as stocks and bonds, we invest in genuinely alternative asset classes such as real estate, private equity and infrastructure to name a few.

    Your portfolio will include up to 12 different asset categories, reducing your exposure to stock market volatility, meagre traditional fixed income returns, and lowering your overall risk.

    While “alternative” investments are becoming more widely promoted today, investors should be aware there is a major difference in quality between those typically available to retail investors and the types of opportunities we invest in: hard to access, high quality and generally reserved for large investors with the expertise, size and proprietary networks to be able to participate.

    Our approach to diversification is not static. We’ll change asset mix (and investments) as our outlook changes. This is how we protect capital and seek to take advantage of opportunities the market gives us – ahead of the herd.

  • Independent Asset Class Specialists

    The field of investing is extremely specialized. No single money manager can be an expert in every discipline. The ideal solution is to source and hire specialist money managers – a challenge for investors to source, qualify, hire and oversee. This is another advantage Newport Private Wealth provides.

    Using its network, size and investment capabilities, our Investment Committee is resolutely unbiased in sourcing and retaining independent, specialist money managers from around the world – some of which are not open to individual investors.  Managers are selected not only for proven expertise in their asset class, but for their fit with our overall investment strategy.

  • Unique Private Investment Opportunities

    We offer preferred access to opportunities generally accessible only to large institutional investors, yet highly coveted for their diversification and risk/return characteristics (e.g. pre-IPO private equities, institutional-only infrastructure funds, direct investment in real estate assets such as retirement homes and apartment buildings, etc.). We’re always looking at new opportunities – rejecting most – investing in a select few.

  • Steadier Returns

    We seek to earn investment returns that meet or beat the benchmark after fees, over a full market cycle, while taking significantly less risk than the benchmark. This is especially ideal for investors who are or expect to be living off their capital and want dependability of returns.

Right for You?

Newport’s wealth management services are suitable for individuals with a minimum of $1 million in investable assets.

If you think our investment approach is what you’re looking for, we invite you to get in touch.

We also offer services for individuals and families with $200,000 or more to invest through Lonsdale Portfolios, a division of Newport Private Wealth.