Our Story

We originally started Newport Private Wealth because we saw both a need and an opportunity for a better private wealth management experience for Canadians.

As senior wealth and investment management professionals serving clients at various large financial institutions – and managing our own families’ investments – we grew frustrated with what we saw as inherent flaws in the traditional industry models. Institutions that put shareholders’ interests ahead of clients’. An emphasis on selling over servicing. Volatile investment returns and a heavy dependence on stocks and bonds.

In our view, no provider was optimally meeting the needs of clients with over $1 million of investable assets for independent, unbiased advice; access to top investment managers; steady investment returns with lower risk and volatility; access to quality private investments; transparent reporting, and holistic planning services.

We knew what was missing was the client’s perspective.

A Client-Focused Firm

So in 2001 we designed a business model that put client’s interests first and built our firm from the ground up. We invested our own money as Newport’s first clients, and soon attracted like-minded clients.

Today, we are one of Canada’s largest independent private wealth management firms for individuals and families across the country. We provide a stable, confidential home for people who want greater control of their wealth and customized solutions to its challenges and opportunities. Our team-based approach harnesses the intellectual capital of all our wealth professionals to creatively solve issues and serve the best interests of our clients. From our offices in Toronto, Ontario and Kelowna, British Columbia, with a business location in Kingston, Ontario we provide wealth management for clients coast to coast. We remain privately owned and managed by the professionals who work here.

Newport clients feel part of something special, and they are – a firm that was built for them.

That’s our story. What’s yours?